Safe Passage


AboutSafe Passage was created by Gisha to raise awareness among Israelis and the international community of Israel’s policy of separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and the legal and military measures being implemented toward this end.

The game shows the effects of the severance of the two parts of the Palestinian territory on the people who live there and for Palestinian society in general: prolonged separation from family members, lost opportunities for higher education, severe damage to trade and business, and the suffocation of civil society. Hardest hit have been Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, who have been isolated and cut off from the outside world since 2007, due to the almost total closure imposed by Israel. We hope that the game will encourage you to take its message into the real world and join this website’s call to action to allow freedom of movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. In doing so, you can help 4 million people exercise their rights and facilitate the freedom of movement necessary to invest in a healthy, robust Palestinian society.

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